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Managing weight loss with functional medicine

Understanding how our bodies really work can be the key to managing weight loss and attaining optimal nutrition and health. Functional medicine doesn’t just assume that weight loss can be achieved by programmes of calorie reduction or a generic dietary approach. Often the cause of unhealthy weight levels can be rooted in challenges with the functioning of our metabolic systems and pathways. Even if we eat the “right food” our bodies aren’t metabolising the food we eat in the “right way.” Using genetic and functional testing to understand how each individual’s metabolism is working and using interventions such as supplementation, exercise, lifestyle changes as well as nutritional recommendations. Functional medicine is also highly attuned to the motivational aspects of weight management. There are strong psychological and behavioural elements to weight management as well as dietary ones. By taking a holistic approach functional medicine makes sure that any interventionsĀ help strengthen our mental resources as well as our physical ones. It is also highly sensitive to the support needed to make the lifestyle changes that can be required for better health. The time spent with practitioners can be a part of that motivational support but practitioners also often tend to work in collaborative teams that can involve practitioners, coaches, therapists, physical trainers etc. An approach that recognises the support that can be needed in a wider array of areas.

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