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Testing for homocysteine levels

In last week’s Doctor in the House Dr Chatterjee’s intervention’s with James helped transform his life. Identifying his MTHFR gene and its likely impact on homocysteine levels led to a vitamin B12 intervention that let James live a normal, active life after decades of low energy.

Its a great example of a 2 stage testing process.

Nutrigenomic testing

DNA Health tests for 36 gene variants involved in a selection of biological processes that have been linked to risk for lifestyle diseases. The test includes a panel of SNPs (single nucleo-polytides) relevant to methylation and its impact on homocysteine levels including MTHFR and COMT.

Functional testing

This genetic screening could be supported by a functional test to identify homocysteine levels in the patient.

The ION (Individual Optimal Nutrition) Profile is a combination of nutritional analyses that measure levels of fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

It includes an analysis of homocysteine levels in blood plasma which can be an independent risk factor for premature cardiovascular disease and atherothrombotic cerebrovascular disease.

The simple test requires the submission of a Plasma, RBC, Serum, and Urine sample.

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