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Personal medicine or functional medicine is an emerging field of healthcare based on a patient centred approach to treatment. Practitioners spend time with their patients to really understand the complex interplay of envrionmental, biochemical, environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors that influence health and wellbeing. To find out more about this exciting field of healthcare click here.

More and more practitioners from all kinds of medical backgrounds are developing an interest in the practices of functional medicine and how it can enhance their practice. We aim to provide a resource for practitioners exploring the potential of functional medicine, and those already using it. To find out more, click here.

For patients

More and more people are using functional medicine as a means of treating chronic illness, reduce their risk of the onset of conditions they may be genetically predisposed to or to gain optimal health. Our aim is to try and make it easier for patients to understand the benefits functional medicine can bring, the range of conditions and lifestyles it can be relevant for and to be able to access practitioners and support to assist their journey towards better health. To find out more about how functional medicine can help you, click here.